Cobol Ninja is an online educational platform dedicated to

Cobol Ninja is an online educational platform dedicated to teaching the time-tested COBOL programming language, renowned for its critical role in business, finance, and governmental computing systems. With a curriculum designed for both beginners and seasoned programmers, Cobol Ninja offers a comprehensive 30-week course that delves deep into both basic and advanced aspects of COBOL. From foundational programming principles to intricate COBOL/400 applications and modernizing legacy code, the course prepares students for immediate entry into the workforce with a robust skill set. Each module is meticulously crafted to ensure students not only understand COBOL coding but also how to apply it effectively in real-world scenarios. Cobol Ninja is committed to reviving the knowledge of COBOL, ensuring its learners are equipped to manage and innovate upon the systems that keep our COBOL Online Course digital world running efficiently.

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